Meek Mill claims Kevin Hart visited him inside his PRISON CELL

Meek Mill claims Kevin Hart visited him inside his PRISON CELL

MEEK MILL HAD THE LUXURY OF HAVING A CELL VISIT FROM KEVIN HART while he was locked up for a probation violation in 2018.

Prisoners usually get to see their friends and families in a visiting hall along with all the other convicts in the facility, which is supervised by guards for a limited amount of time.

But money and power allowed Hart and basketball team the Philadelphia 76’ers part owner Mike Rubin to bend the rules and check a surprised Meek in his cell while he was kicking his feet up.

Not only did comedian Hart, and Rubin see the rapper’ in his temporary home, they came to the prison block, where the inmates doing life reside to liaise with Meek.

The 34-year-old exclusively told the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast how it all went down: “I turn around, Mike Rubin at my doorway, Rubin and Kevin Hart.

“You know, block out, all these nxggas I’m with on the block got life, probably 90% of this block got life.”

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Meek explained that the other inmates were just as shocked as he was to see the millionaire pair walking on the landing and before you knew it a crowd had congregated to see them in the flesh.

It was such a surreal experience for the Dream Chaser’s boss that he thought nobody would believe him when he told them what had transpired in the prison.

But although he was happy for the unexpected visit, Meek wishes he had time to clean up because his cell was a mess when they came in.

He had white boxers hanging on the door and felt embarrassed when his baller friends came in.

And Hart, never missing the opportunity for a good joke told Meek his living conditions weren’t that bad to which Meek jokingly responded that he better stop playing.

Meek went on to say: “Kev came in like ‘man this joint ain’t too bad like I thought it was,’ and I said, ‘man if you don’t stop playing with me pxssy, can’t you see my draws hanging up there!’”

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