Potter Payper reveals that Denzel Washington’s Training Day film inspired his mixtape series

Potter Payper reveals that Denzel Washington’s Training Day film inspired his mixtape series

POTTER PAYPER HAS BLESSED FANS WITH HIS CLASSIC Training Day mixtape trilogy over the past few years.

The East Londoner released the first Training Day instalment in 2013, its follow up in 2017, and then rounded off the series last year after his unfortunate, lengthy incarceration behind bars.

Although the first two tapes certified Potter as one of the hardest in the streets, it was the third Training Day that helped him gain mainstream appeal and enticed Def Jam to sign the rapper.

But if it wasn’t for Hollywood legend Denzel Washington, there wouldn’t even of been a Training Day mixtape for fans to enjoy.

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That’s because Potter revealed to DJ Target on his Tonight With Target show that Denzel’s role as Alonzo in the thriller of the same name released in 2002, inspired him to name his mixtape after the film.

The 30-year-old explained to Target: “I based my whole mixtape trilogy series and saga around it, around the film [Training Day].”

His love of the film runs so deep that the Barking native claims that he can recite the whole script word for word.

And his favourite scene from Training Day is when towards the end, Denzel’s shady cop character Alonzo is stopped from leaving with a bag of money by former partner turned adversary Jake, played by Ethan Hawke, who he calls a disloyal so and so.

But Potter couldn’t finish off Alonzo’s sentence as he was on live TV and it contained to many expletives.

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