Dave hints at retirement after next few albums as they ‘take so much out of him’

Dave hints at retirement after next few albums as they ‘take so much out of him’

AFTER dropping just two albums in his career so far, rapper Dave is considering calling it a day real soon.

He’s had phenomenal success with both his projects, Psychodrama, released in 2018, and his new effort We’re All In This Alone Together, which topped the charts consecutively.

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While this is an incredible achievement for the South London wordsmith, he’s given his heart and soul to reach these great heights and he wants his soul back.

This is why just the age of 23, Dave’s already decided that the rap game won’t get that much more out of him and after two more projects, he’s done.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, he explained how he reached the point of no return.

He said: “I can’t do many albums. I can’t. I refuse. It takes so much out of me.”

But this isn’t a spontaneous decision by Dave who’s already planned his exit strategy from the booth.

He went on outline how he’s going to execute his vision, and his family members play a big part in it.

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Each album the Streatham raised artist has put out so far, he credits to the individuals close to him.

His first project was dedicated to his brother Christopher who’s tragically doing a life stretch behind bars, and his new work of art is all about his mum.

Dave added: “Psychodrama was about Christopher. That’s his story. We’re All Alone in This Together is my mum’s story. “

But that’s only half of the Nigerian native’s tale and there’s still two other relatives, including his brother Ben, that he needs to present to the world, after that it’s a wrap he claims.

Dave continued: “There are four of us in the family and it’s heading towards that number of albums for me.”

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